Discover why Raleigh’s News and Observer called John Tedesco a “transformative force,” one who “has done his homework” and “a tireless voice for neighborhood schools and underprivileged children.


Tedesco 4 Kids is the campaign to elect John Tedesco as North Carolina’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction. With one out of five children not graduating annually, two-thirds of students who do graduate in need of remediation, a third of NC children unable to read on grade level, schools struggling to keep teachers and lacking textbooks; our children can not endure continued failed leadership for another four years. Your children and grandchildren can't wait.   

We are excited about the opportunity of a proven leader, like John Tedesco, standing as a champion who can improve education for our children, but this campaign is about much more than one individual. This campaign is for those who believe we can and must produce significant measurable results for our students, support parents, empower teachers, reduce bureaucracy, and increase local controls in education.

Over the past 12 years, the Easley/Atkinson and Perdue/Atkinson Administrations have allowed North Carolina’s proud historic commitment to education to dwindle. North Carolina's schools have failed to keep pace as the digital age unfolds. We are considerably outpaced by international standards, and are lagging behind much of the nation. Under their watch we have lost thousands of teachers across NC while adding more bureaucrats and wasting millions that could have helped our classrooms.

Our opponent is an entrenched incumbent who has been at the Department of Public Instruction since 1976 and has been Superintendent for 8 years.  As part of the status quo they have provided no answers short of lotteries and calls for further tax-increases; and our children can no longer wait. To fix the problems with the Raleigh education bureaucracy we need to make a change.

The future of our children and our state is too important for gambling and games. More than ever we need real leadership and our teachers need our support. North Carolina’s economic vitality and societal constructs are being developed in today’s school house. Our children deserve better; the future of our state is depending on it.

As you learn more about Mr. Tedesco, you will find a leader who tackled bureaucracy head-on to produce real measurable results in the state’s largest school system and the 16th largest in the nation. With his critical leadership in place, Wake County’s 169 schools, 151,000 students and 18,000 employees charted a course from good to great. John is the only candidate who has served as a local education leader, so he understands the burden of Raleigh's education bureaucracy on our teachers and classrooms. John is the only candidate who is also a parent, so he understands the frustrations our families feel hoping to ensure their children are provided the best.

John Tedesco starts with the premise that we can build schools that challenge our most gifted while raising our most vulnerable. It is not an either/or proposition, and we cannot settle for only teaching to the middle. In his efforts he always puts our students, families, and tax-payers first.

Across North Carolina citizens are talking about his courage.

John Tedesco is a man who is not only passionate and skilled, but tenacious in his pursuit to provide all children with the best education possible to allow them to chase their dreams. John Tedesco is recognized as a man true to his word, steadfast in his character and uniquely positioned to take on complex challenges, even in the face of extreme opposition from bureaucrats, political agendas, and status quo excuses. This has earned him the respect of supporters and critics alike.   

Together we can solve the complex problems that have hindered our education system and provide all children with rigorous opportunities to reach their full potential.


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  • This campaign is for those who find 1 out of 5 children in North Carolina not graduating annually unacceptable.
  • This is a campaign for those concerned by the fact that nearly two-thirds of our children who do actually graduate and go into our community college system need remediation for classes they were not prepared for in high school; robbing our students of opportunities and costing tax-payers twice.
  • This is a campaign for those who will no longer tolerate an education system where nearly 50% our minority children cannot read at grade level.
  • This is a campaign for those who understand that being ranked fourth in the nation in suspensions and standing riddled with a serious school-to-prison pipeline erodes our educated work force and our local communities.





Our children deserve better.




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