In Their Words

North Carolina citizens know the value of leaders like John Tedesco. While many leaders and groups have endorsed John, it is the comments from local citizens that touch our heart. Below are a few comments from fellow citizens across NC highlighting this servant-leader. Get to know John as they have.

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Thank You.

"After spending a life time in education not much excites me but your vision; energy; and ideas does. I will help you all I can." - Bill Stone, Caldwell County 

“I applaud what you have accomplished quickly --- and I pray that you will continue Keep up the good work. You are supported.“-Elizabeth Maxedon Thomas

“We appreciate that we are finally being heard by the members we elect! Keep up the good work and stay strong! “ -Gary and Kelly Swann - Raleigh

“I have a profound respect for John's work on the Wake County School Board. The attacks by the media and others were relentless and John kept his poise, remained steadfast in his resolve and stayed professional throughout. He paid a high personal price for his beliefs, but he did so with dignity and I will always admire him for that.” –Chad Adams, Wilmington – Big Talker Morning Team

“This guy is one of the heroes. John has tremendous passion. His work for the school district and Wake County's children has truly been remarkable. He is incredibly detailed in his search for facts, yet remains open to new ideas.“  -Bill LuMaye, WPTF

 “John Tedesco is a tireless, selfless advocate of excellence in education for our children in North Carolina.”- Michael Citron, MD, Physician, Duke University Health System

“I am aware that you are a very proactive Wake County Board Member, and truly have a heart for students and their best interests. Thank-you so very much.” -Ronda Morris, 4th Grade Teacher, Guilford County Schools

 “John has demonstrated a maturity and wisdom seldom attained by those in public office! I appreciate his straight forward approach to education and the common sense application of what is best for the children of our county and area. It takes courage to change the status quo and John delivers on the wishes of the people, and those that elected and supported him.

We need more public servants like John to ensure the best education possible for our children. He is not afraid to take a stand for what he believes and is willing to take action and defend those beliefs.”-Terry M. Pope, Senior Vice President - CDO, Paragon Commercial Bank

“John Tedesco feels a duty to kids that they each find a way to excel…I associate integrity, duty and honor with John Tedesco. John is a tireless organizer. I believe his religion foundation is his constant encouragement. He knows that drop outs are unacceptable results of a failed public school system.” - Joe E. Teague, Raleigh

“John is inspirational and his enthusiasm and work ethic are contagious. He cares about people and has the attitude of a servant. He doesn't look out for himself, but rather looks out for the interests of others. He is a man of true humility whose leadership is infectious.” -Thomas Coutouzis, Cary

 “John is an energetic and goal-oriented person. He is a reliable and intelligent person with a good sense of humor. He is a tireless worker with outstanding leadership abilities. He has a take-charge personality but is sensitive to the concerns of others. - Brad Sahl

“I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know John through a community leadership program. Through that experience I have come to know John has always given of himself to help others. He has devoted so much of himself in the creation of many programs to help disadvantaged children. John is a driven leader who operates with a no nonsense style to get things done. He does not let obstacles get in the way of what needs to get done. John is willing to make the tough decisions, regardless of the popularity of those decisions, in order to reach the objectives and goals of the tasks at hand.

John is passionate, sticks to his belief system, delivers what he has promised, and is not afraid to dialog with those who have opposing views in order to understand all sides of an issue. He is a strong leader who will always get the job done.” -Jeffrey Brodman, Senior VP, Headway Workforce Solutions

“With over 12 years of experience in the not for profit world and his selfless public service, John is an energetic and passionate advocate for the youth of North Carolina. As a member of the Wake County School Board John has worked tirelessly to reduce dropout rates and reduce suspension rates among the communities’ most vulnerable students. John is an asset to North Carolina, and a true friend to our children.” -Edward Lee Rapp

“John is very motivated and enthusiastic about the work he does for our kids, our families and our community. His integrity and honesty is refreshing at a time when political correctness seems to be more the norm. John can be relied on to maintain focus on the comprehensive challenges and produce the outcomes that exceed expectations.

John has an amazing ability to envision and deliver on the big picture of very complicated projects. He works hard to understand the nuances, challenges, complexities and bureaucracy often associated in the problems he faces.” –David Snipes, Garner

“Working with John for over three years has given me the opportunity to see a strong business executive grow into a first class leader. John has aggressive style to put his agendas forward. He balances this with the unique ability of listening to other view points.” -Jan Wilson, Fuquay Varina

 “I have been following John closely since he started running for public office. He has taken a strong stand for his convictions, has kept the customer (meaning the taxpayer and citizen) in mind, has not shied away from accountability, and has followed through on his promises. Though he has taken a lot of criticism, like him or hate him and his decisions, John Tedesco has followed through, proven that he has a backbone for leadership, and kept his responsibility in the forefront. If for no other reason than this, John has the respect of proponent and opponent alike.” Troy LaPlante, Selma

“John is a very smart, very passionate, very articulate advocate for the children of North Carolina. He cares more about children's education than he does about whose feathers get ruffled.

Heaven knows NC children need advocates like John!
The educational establishment's response to failure is to sweep it under the rug, ask for more money, and fight against reforms that would actually help children.” –David Burton, Cary

“John is dedicated and motivated to bettering our community for our children for not only this generation, but for generations to come.” –Madison Shook, Raleigh

 “John Tedesco is an honorable man who has worked tirelessly for the wellbeing of the children of Wake County. Through his work first for Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Wake County Board of Education and as President of the North Carolina Center for Education Reform he had consistently been a champion for the rights of North Carolina children and their parents. He listens, actually listens, to these parent’s concerns regarding their children’s education and having heard those concerns works to see that they are addressed. I respect him immensely and pray that he continues in his service to the people of North Carolina…” –Eddie Hodges, Lay Pastor, Christ Community United Methodist Church

“We will be voting for you, John. Thanks for your work on the school board thus far. You're ahead of your time and have excellent ideas. We need smart streamline thinking thinkers, like you, on the top. Good luck.” -Eddie Lechuga, Wakefield Plantation

“We voted for you to fight; please keep on fighting.” -Jill Swartz

“John, I appreciate your response!  You have been the only person to contact us on any of our messages. In addition I want to tell you how grateful my family is to you…” –Samuel Hayes

“Thanks again for all you do. You are a committed, caring man, something our Society needs more of.” -Andy Shook