A proven track record

When it comes to politics we need to move past the rhetoric and see that results matter. When looking for your candidate for North Carolina's State Superintendent please learn more about John's track record of success tackling complex issues on behalf of citizens.             John Tedesco stands as a proven leader in various roles.

Whether he was raising millions of dollars for first generation college students, building shelters for thousands of homeless and abused children, leading a town during crisis, or establishing statewide partnerships for the NC Mentoring Children of Prisoners Initiative; for nearly 15 years he has excelled in the service of others.

John was elected to the Wake County Board of Education, the largest level of government in NC next to State government itself, because the bureaucracy and system grew beyond the interest of the citizens. The citizens wanted John to fight for them. The Wake County Public School System is the state's largest district and the 16th largest in AMERICA. He has served in various leadership roles for this district with 18,000 employees and a $1.5 billion budget serving 165 SCHOOLS with 147,000 students.  In spite of great challenges and oppositions John Tedesco delivered on his promise.

Below John highlights just some of the results.

John notes results in Wake County

I am thankful to the citizens who put their faith in me. We produced real results for our children, families & taxpayers. Our board chartered a course from good to great. Together with my fellow board colleagues, our new superintendent and leadership team, our great staff, thousands of hard working teachers, engaged parents and wonderful students we have produced some amazing outcomes.

  • Under our leadership we trimmed nearly $100 million of waste, applied $32 million more directly to the classroom, and doubled our fund balance while protecting our teachers.
  • We did this without asking for a single dollar more from our taxpayers. In fact, we added hundreds of teachers while districts across the state cut thousands.
  • We created one of the nation's largest parental choice assignment models.
  • We built several new schools while renovating others.
  • We went outside the box for leadership and replaced the district's status quo superintendent with a General who has proven to be a change agent and a top notch leader.
  • After five consecutive years of decline, graduation rates are up. We are above the state average and now have the 3rd highest graduation rate in America among the nation's 100 largest districts.
  • Expanded pathways into advanced mathematics, we have increased placement in our most rigorous and advanced tracks by thousands of students, with most significant gains among our minority students.
  • Schools are safer, crime and violence is down drastically, suspensions are down, and we have increased alternative learning opportunities for those who are suspended.
  • We removed tenure barriers if removing teachers and now look at performance measures to keep our most effective teachers in the classrooms.
  • We added a merit-based pay for performance model in several of our schools.
  • Performed organizational audits and removed layers of bureaucracy. Among the nation's 100 largest districts independent audits confirm we are now one of the leanest districts. Yet we are still providing some of the best schools, rich in rewarding opportunities and measured with positive results.
  • We added all-boys and all-girls leadership academies, 10 themed academies in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, and Math), early college programs, vocational programs, and expanded Jr. ROTC programs throughout the district.
  • We have made a more family & community friendly system focused on customer service.

Again, I thank so many of you who have helped us make a real difference improving our schools for all children.


The Clear Choice

John Tedesco has helped to create a national model for what conservatives can do with public education. This drew fierce opposition from liberals across America - including Pres. Obama himself, US Sec. of Education, The NY Times, The Washington Post, CNN and more. The media, Rev. Barber of the NAACP and the unions led the charge in Wake against John's reforms. Through it all, by God's Grace and John's belief that we could do better for our children, John Tedesco stood strong and pressed forward for results.

It wasn't always pretty; producing large scale change while standing for one's convictions rarely is. In the end the results matter.

Many leaders promise this and that, but few come through and deliver.

This is one reason why Raleigh’s News and Observer called John Tedesco a "transformative force." If you think the children of North Carolina deserve a champion like John than this campaign is for YOU! 

Look around - you will find no other candidate with such a proven track record of positive results and a clear vision for children and tax-payers in North Carolina.