The Department of Public Instruction

John knows all the answers cannot come from Raleigh and certainly shouldn't come from Washington.  Mr. Tedesco wants to flip the culture at our NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) from bureaucratic oversight to customer service of local districts (helping them implement their vision knowing what their community needs), teachers and parents.  Education is a state's rights issue, so while we can make our state agency leaner it also needs to be strong enough to support local districts and serve as a firewall for encroaching federal agendas that may not be right for North Carolina. 

There are both positives and negatives to the role DPI plays in education across NC. The Superintendent serves as the chief administrator to DPI. Our opponent has been at DPI since 1976 and been Superintendent for the last years. Entrenched incumbents tied to the status quo will not be able to lead us past the problems they created. John believes there are great opportunities to reduce bureaucracy, increase efficiencies, and realign millions of dollars of limited tax resources back to our local districts and into our classrooms. When making such adjustments Mr. Tedesco is a skilled administrative surgeon with a track record of success.

Mr. Tedesco would engage in an organizational audit allowing us to look at reduced and effective operational structures that can deliver on intended objectives. Additionally, he would engage in extensive program audits to ensure we remove what does not work and support what does. He would evaluate operational costs then adjust, renegotiate, and or outsource if needed to produce the best results.

Example: In Wake County, John Tedesco and his colleagues managed over $100 million in reductions while putting more resources in the classrooms. They saved $400,000 renegotiating cell phone contracts across the district and $100,000 adjusting HR software contract terms. They saved over $7 million realigning the transportation department, reducing middle managers and outsourcing the parts division to private providers. Along with many more examples, these efforts produced savings that went back into the classrooms and increased operational effectiveness.  John Tedesco has the ability to streamline operations in a productive and beneficial manner and will work to utilize the Six Sigma management strategies common to our top businesses. 

Too often DPI staff is not supported to do their jobs. In many cases high level senior leadership lack the management skills to build a positive team environment focused on the mission. Some of these senior leaders fail to address program evaluations of staff that highlight shortcomings.  John Tedesco is skilled at building effective teams who are valued and focused on goals that improve outcomes for others. John will tap into our human capital and bring out the best while realigning the focus of this department.

John will keep focus on critical self-analysis and not shy away from the tough internal conversations. Again, Mr. Tedesco envisions creating a DPI cultural shift from bureaucratic oversight and to customer service of our local school districts, improved development of our classrooms and support of our educators.